We have different holistic treatments which form Omni Holistics UK and which are described within this website. Our hope is that you will come along to enrich, regenerate, even review and change your life.

We have energy systems from India, Japan and the USA. We facilitate Omni Relaxation days and Retreat days on a regular basis. Something for everyone.


I believe that the systems from India, ©Omni Healing and Omni Kriya to be a way of life including tools for healing, meditation, massage and giving unlimited protection against negativities. They were developed by Shivananda, Dr Sameer Kale, who is a Guru living in India, being both a Grand Master of Traditional Usui Reiki and Great Grand Master of Omni. You can have treatments and/or you can learn how to channel this pure and amazing energy for yourself and others to Practitioner level if you wish, with Omni Master Teacher Stephanie Jones from Wales, UK. Something for everyone- young or old, experienced or inexperienced in energy work. Omni means 'Universe' and, in truth, it is taking healing to the next level - helping us move forward positively to the new age of awareness, 2012.


These healing systems are totally unique.

©Omni Healing is a ‘hands on’ channeling of pure, positive and loving energy. It is focused and direct using Universal and Earth energies to balance the bodies’ corresponding energies facilitating optimal healing.

©Omni Kriya which is an Energy Massage Therapy is available as the first of its kind in the UK. Again you can have treatments or learn how to massage using this healing energy. Both systems are accredited and insurable. Do you want to make changes in your life?...Come and see us.


Reiki energy of the Usui Tradition is channeled here as well as being able to be taught how to channel this energy for yourself and others; on to Practitioner level should you so wish, with Stephanie Jones Master Reiki Teacher. Reiki is now being recognised by the authorities in Health and wellness as a useful aid to speed recovery from many ailments as well as being very relaxing. It helps the channeller to change their way of life and become a more spiritual person leading a happier life.

Reiki Training in Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire areas of West Wales.


EMF Balancing provides a powerful realignment within the energy anatomy which strengthens the Universal Calibration Lattice. This is an important factor to being in partnership with the unified energy field or the Cosmic Lattice. Many people have found benefit from this treatment spiritually, physically and mentally.


Take a half day or a day to recharge your slowing body energies, your stressed state of mind to remind yourself you are ‘YOU’ and help you see things more clearly ,defining difficulties and challenges and prioritizing them.


A day of peaceful quietness, contemplation and reflection.Speech will be minimal throughout the day.
The day aims to provide a quiet, retreat - like atmosphere to encourage and focus on relaxation. It will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, ready for the days ahead. It will also help you to be more 'in tune' with the needs of your Self and others.