A little background

Although it can be traced back thousands of years, Dr Mikao Usui developed the modern traditional Reiki system between 1900 and 1926. This was passed on through a number of Reiki Masters to the present day, and this lineage of the one to one attunement forms the basis of the Reiki method.
The aims are to keep the pure essence of Reiki, to teach, to practice, to encourage and to offer support to all involved in Reiki healing.
Stephanie Jones, Reiki master, believes that the traditional Reiki attunements and the teaching are a special event in a person’s life and as such, offers a one to one day of teaching and a practical application to students. This is within Malindi Centre where the energies are pure and the ceremony is treated with great respect. A convenient time is usually arranged and the day starts around 10am, a light lunch is provided and the day finishes usually around 5pm. A truly energetic day!


There is a day training and there will be an opportunity to practice. Also, you will receive a certificate and coloured manual. There are 3 Levels of Usui Reiki to learn:

First Degree Reiki introduces you to the Reiki energy that can have a profound effect upon your life. You learn to channel this energy through your hands from this attunement, for the rest of your life… all you need to do to connect to this energy is to place your hands on or near yourself, or someone else, and it will flow automatically. It normally takes 21 days to adjust to the Reiki attunement for a (physical, emotional, spiritual) healing process to take place. From this point on you can heal yourself and others using Reiki. £75

Second Degree Reiki deals with mental and emotional balancing, some of the spiritual aspects and the keys to healing power and ‘distant healing’ are given.; £150

Third Degree Reiki is the Teacher or Master Degree. This enables you to pass on or attune others to the Reiki energy. £250

This is an accredited and insurable training taking you 1) To Practitioner level and to join a professional body, The Guild of Holistic Therapists or The Reiki Federation 2)You may wish to learn to aid your family and friends only.. These levels can be used in both an intuitive or logical manner to suit the needs and mindset of the individual

PLEASE NOTE: There is help and backup after you have been attuned Phone for dates, usually one to one teaching, held regularly at Malindi Centre and other venues in the UK when requested.